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• With the current credit crisis hitting not only Spain but the whole world, the pound dropping to record lows against the euro - now is your time to sell. We have estate agent partners throughout Europe with clients looking to purchase here in Torremolinos. Now the pound has fallen against the euro, numerous investors & second home owners have cast their eye on the area to buy as soon as possible.

• Even though UK / British buyers have more or less disappeared, countries inside the Euro now see property in the area cheaper as Brits sell up and move back to the UK. We are now offering prices in line with the year 2002 as all the gains made from 2000 - 2005 have been wiped out by the worldwide economic downturn.

• Does your current estate agent rely on UK clients only?

• If so, that explains the inactivity you are experiencing. Look at it logically, although you may have slashed your asking price it is still the same amount in pounds that it previously was. This is where we come in. Our European estate agents believe our properties are great value because the rate is so low at moment.

• A person who for example bought a property for 160,000 euros 3 - 4 years ago would have cost them 100,000 pounds sterling, today that property is available at 100,000 euros but convert that back to pounds it is still 100,000 pounds sterling. This obviously suits the seller as well as the buyer.

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